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(some) Academic Works
  • Zhao, A., & Chen, Z. (2023). Let’s report our rivals: how Chinese fandoms game content moderation to restrain opposing voices. Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media, 3.


  • Zhao, A., & Naaman, M. (2023). Unraveling the Potential of Crowds: Insights from a Comparative Study on the Variety, Velocity, Veracity, and Viability of Crowdsourced and Professional Fact-Checking Services. Forthcoming in the Journal of Online Trust and Safety

  • Platform, jurors, and reporters: understanding how different actors facilitated community-driven content moderation on Weibo (first-authored joint working paper with Lily Hu)

  • Moderating Social Media: Misinformation Exposure and the Weibo Jury Community (work in progress with Alexandra Cirone)

  • Filtering Technologies and the Fairness of Natural Language Systems (under review in FAcct 2023, co-author with Eddie Yang, Chad Atalla, Solon Barocas, Su Lin Blodgett, Kate Cook, Kristen Laird, Emily Lawton, Samir Passi, Forough Poursabzi-Sangdeh, Vyoma Raman, Bella Rideau, Emily Sheng, Dan Vann, Hanna Wallach)

I have a publication joke, but reviewer 2 rejects it. 

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