Academic Works

Zhao, A., DeDeo, S., Chinese astroturf and the limits of computational propaganda on foreign social media (under review)

Work in Progress

  • Reporting as collective action: the institutionalized anti-smear campaigns in fandom 

  • Content moderation in our own neighbors: the dataset of Weibo community management center

  • The evolution of Weibo Censorship in the view of censor logs

  • Veracity, Validity, Velocity, and coVerage: how crowdsourced fact-checking sites win over popularity in the battle against misinformation

Work as a RA

(maybe more than?) Research Assistant: Trump's "Chinese Virus" and anti-Asian racism (work in progress with David Yang & Nancy Qian)

Research Assistant: Bureaucratism & innovation in academia (work in progress with Daron Acemoglu & David Yang)

I have a publication joke, but reviewer 2 rejects it.